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100kW Emrax 228 Motor

400V, 6.2kWh HV Accumulators

MoTeC M150 ECU

-0.299 CLA 0.548 CDA

The design of ADL-21e is a significant step-up for AUMT, representing important and impactful changes to vehicle design. 


The precise performance target of this package has been found through simulation in order to maximise point scoring dynamic events. Changes to the frame and body will allow ADL-21e to save weight while improving torsional rigidity, leading to a higher performance vehicle with predictable characteristics.


The design of the suspension and shocks system was heavily influenced by the results of the ChassisSim model, and benefited from the procurement of new sponsorship. By benchmarking the simulated model with 2019 data, design changes such as a reduced wheel-base, bump steer, roll centre variation, and motion ratio variation could be implemented, as well as a more linear camber gain.


Custom shocks have also been developed, and result in a cheaper and more compact damper system, suitable for the new suspension geometry. Further, by expanding the data acquisition and control functionality, ADL-21e allows for greater data-driven tuning and adaptive control.