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The Adelaide University Motorsport Team was founded in 2001 to compete in the annual Formula-SAE Australasia competition. The team is completely student run and consists of students from every year level and multiple disciplines including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Business and more.

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At its inception, AUMT consisted of students doing their final year engineering project. In 2010, the team expanded to become an extracurricular project to include engineering students from all levels of study at The University of Adelaide. In 2015 the team joined the Adelaide University Sports Association to align with the standard naming practice of the University’s Sports Association.

From 2018, the team has switched to electric power for its vehicle, competing in the electric vehicle category of FSAE-A. Since the switch to electric power, the team have made large steady improvements year on year climbing the world rankings.



Formula SAE (a.k.a Formula student) is the worlds largest student engineering competition. The competition is split between judged static and dynamic events. The aim of the project is to design and manufacture a formula-style, open-wheeled vehicle to successfully perform in the Formula SAE Australasia competition. The Adelaide University Motorsport Team works together to design and engineer a solution that complies with the competition rules and regulations. For the students involved, the skills and knowledge gained are retained and passed on for the continued success of the team in future years.

static events

Static events include a business presentation, cost and design. They are an opportunity for the team to present knowledge around the viability and operation of the team. The events test real-world industry skills that are the cornerstone of engineering

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Dynamic events are the culmination of the engineering behind the teams car. Split between four events, the dynamic events test every aspect of the cars speed and reliability.

The project gives students real world experience in business, project and team management, engineering, and develops their ability to work as a team. They develop research, analytical and problem solving skills as well as gain detailed knowledge of product engineering and manufacture. Students are also exposed to and are able to make contacts within engineering industries and are part of a world-wide and highly respected organisation: the International Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

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100kW Emrax 228 Motor

500V, 6.28kWh HV Battery

MoTeC M150 ECU

-0.267 CLA 0.505 CDA

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